facebook server to server integration

De Facebook S2S solution is developed due to the increasing changes in the field of privacy such as Apple’s ITP and Google’s Sandbox solution. These privacy solutions are impacting the Facebook data that is becoming increasingly limited. This affects the campaign data and the resulting results. This creates a measurement gap. Our solution: the Facebook S2S. Hereby Facebook S2S supports the ability to forward the event data from your web property to Facebook via a Server-to-Server integration.

What does this mean for my Facebook campaigns without Facebook S2S

The new regulations are an improvement for the user. Called by the ITP (Intelligent Tracking Prevention) of Apple, you as a user can choose not to be tracked anymore by means of “third party cookies”. An example of this is that when you visit a website you also receive a cookie from Google and Facebook. Facebook can then later identify you as visitors to the website. A user can now decide to not accept the third party cookies. You can’t track that user anymore. This is at the expense of the measured data, which also has an effect on the optimization of the campaigns. As a result, providing insight into the contribution of online campaigns via Facebook is becoming increasingly limited.

How can you solve this with the Facebook S2S

This problem arises with every advertiser on Facebook from a budget of €100 per month to more than €100,000 per month. The more budget you use, the more bothered you will be from the limitation of available data. The solution to this problem is a server-to-server solution that closes the gap. As a result, sufficient data will be available in Facebook to optimize the data and to properly attribute the campaign results to the campaign.

With our solution there is AVG trial access to the data within the Facebook platform. The Facebook S2S is designed to make data available to Facebook in real time. No scripts or cookies from Facebook itself are needed for this. The data is collected on your website and made suitable for processing by Facebook. The moment you have a data layer, this data is enriched. When it comes to privacy-sensitive information, this data is automatically encrypted. This way you always comply with the AVG law. These are then offered to Facebook in real-time, so that sufficient data is available to attribute to the campaign and then optimize it.

Advantages Facebook S2S Solutions


1. Available data
The Facebook S2S ensures more available data than your current situation. This ensures that you can optimize your campaigns with more reliable data to make better decisions.

2. Better performance
The server-to-server solution doesn’t affect your website speed.

3. Reliable data
With the sever side forwarding you don’t need the permission from third parties. It’s a lot more reliable than third-party code. Cookies and ad blockers don’t affect the server-to-server solution, because it’s a first party cookie.

More information and the costs for the Facebook server-to-server solution can be found here. Do you have questions about the Facebook Server-to-Server Integration? Then you can always contact us by email.