Functions automatically scans all cookies and trackers on your website. These cookies and trackers come into place when a website visitor has given permission for this. Every month the list of cookies and trackers are automatically updated on your website. This ensures you that your website always complies with the law. View the CookieConsent functions below.

Cookie permission

CookieConsent requests cookie permission according to GDPR legislation, with a minimal impact on the user experience. If a visitor accepts cookies from the website, they will be stored for one year. If you have websites in multiple countries, you can set the configuration for each country.

Cookie control

The CookieConsent ensures that you have complete control over which cookies are placed on your website. Visitors can choose from three types of cookies in the cookie wall. This can be adjusted to your own wishes. The permission status is stored in the visitor's browser.

Cookie monitoring scans your website monthly to see if there are new cookies. Hereby the scanned cookies are added to a database. The moment we start scanning your website, the information from the database is used to see if there are new cookies. This ensures that your website is always 100% up-to-date.