IAB Europe Standard (TCF) solution

Written on: February 9, 2022
Great panic among website owners about European Privacy law ruling. It was revealed last week that the system with which cookie notifications (pop-ups) ask for permission to place cookies is in violation of the European Privacy Act. This concerns the IAB Europe Standard (TCF). What’s up with the IAB Europe Standard (TCF)? The Cookie Consent... Lees verder

Facebook Server-to-Server Integration

Written on: August 26, 2021
De Facebook S2S solution is developed due to the increasing changes in the field of privacy such as Apple’s ITP and Google’s Sandbox solution. These privacy solutions are impacting the Facebook data that is becoming increasingly limited. This affects the campaign data and the resulting results. This creates a measurement gap. Our solution: the Facebook... Lees verder

Cookie Consent GDPR proof?

Written on: January 17, 2020
Why do you need a cookie consent, what does this all mean exactly, which cookies are available and does your current cookie consent comply with the GDPR legislation? You can read more about this in this blog. What does the GDPR legislation mean. The General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) has been applicable since 25 May... Lees verder

Do I need a Cookie Consent when using Google Analytics?

Written on: January 6, 2020
Every website has a form of Analytics tool. The best known is Google Analytics. Google Analytics collects insights from visitors of your website. Based on this data you can see whether your website is performing well and where the possible improvements of the website are. If you have the Google Analytics code on your website... Lees verder