IAB Europe Standard (TCF)

Great panic among website owners about European Privacy law ruling. It was revealed last week that the system with which cookie notifications (pop-ups) ask for permission to place cookies is in violation of the European Privacy Act. This concerns the IAB Europe Standard (TCF).

What’s up with the IAB Europe Standard (TCF)?

The Cookie Consent module of the IAB Europe Standard (TCF) does not comply with the GDPR privacy guidelines. Publishers will have to adjust their Cookie Consent module, otherwise they risk a fine. The Belgian Data Protection Authority (DPA) has imposed a fine of 250,000 euros on the IAB Europe Industry Association.

What does the IAB Europe Standard mean?

80% of websites in Europe ask for user consent to collect data through cookies and then share it with advertisers. The TCF is designed for real-time bidding on online advertisements, to do this in a GDPR-proof manner. This mainly concerns space that is purchased via Display. The problem arises that users cannot oversee what they are giving permission for. In addition, the IAB cannot check whether the information is being used correctly. This is against EU privacy rules. This ruling applies to the entire EU, including the Netherlands.

What does this mean for your CookieConsent?

If you use the CookieConsent module of the IAB Europe standard (TCF), it does not comply with the GDRP privacy guidelines. You will have to stop with this module or look for an alternative. An alternative that does comply with these rules is Cookieconsent.io. This module is not built into our cookie consent, so Cookieconsent.io complies with European legislation. This gives you a lot of security with the cookie consent!

If you are not sure whether your CookieConsent is sufficient or if you want more information about CookieConsent.io, please contact info@cookieconsent.io.