Compliance & Advice

Are you using cookies on your website and have you not changed anything since 25 May 2018? Then there is a good chance that you are no longer comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) law.

The lack of clarity surrounding the cookie law has still not been eliminated since its introduction. The Dutch Data Protection Authority also reports that there are still massive violations of the cookie law. It is not allowed for tick boxes to be filled in with yes beforehand. Even inactivity or scrolling down or other options such as “you agree if you continue on this website” are not allowed.

Yet many websites still have these forms of cookie walls, which means they do not comply with the law and have a chance of being fined. The GDPR law can raise many questions and cause stress. We can help you with compliance and advice regarding the cookie notification & GDPR law.

To get an overview of how your website is doing you can use the website scan below for free!
You will then receive a report with your advice.